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What are your Healing Regiments

Hola Dollz , Hello Modern World!

I have a few questions this week....

When you aren’t feeling well , what do you do ? It could emotionally , mentally or physically not feeling well?

I want you to really sit and evaluate your regiments ,rituals or habits , whatever you may call them.

See I go through different phases when I am not feeling well . I can remember graduating the 8th grade and getting conjunctivitis and bronchitis at the same time, the day after my celebration . Some of you may think “she can remember ? that was just yesterday she’s only 22” but no that was far from yesterday .

Anyways I remember being so down because every morning I would wake up with my eyes pretty much glued shut and my voice was temporarily gone . It made me sad because I love to sing and I was scared I would no longer be able to . But it also made me realized how blessed I am to have all of my senses when I am not sick . During this time I had started being more of a fan of the Entertainer Mishon Ratliff . He had a showcase on YouTube and I would watch that video while I wasn’t feeling well and it would make me smile and dance . I almost even forgot what was going on with me. I watched it so often that eventually everything was ok with me and time seemed to go by fast , now granted I was only sick for a week but initially it was very depressing.

There are also phases when I’m mentally not feeling well. In those times I have videos saved on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook that lift my spirits, it could be Comedic , Theatrical , Dance or Singing videos .

Now when I’m emotionally not feeling well that’s when I create . r

Recently I was physically and emotionally not feeling well over the weekend . You would think when you aren’t feeling well that’s the time when you just don’t feel like doing anything and sure it probably starts off that way. But what I find is that those are the times when I am focused . I’m not thinking about everything I have planned for the day . I’m not answering the phone for everyone . It’s just me in my own space recharging . While I recharge I download new ideas . I’ve gotten inspired this weekend to work on material that I’ve always had but didn’t think had any purpose or use for my creativity . Now honestly I feel 10 times better than I did on Friday . So these are ways I heal Physically , Emotionally and Mentally . Listening to music that makes me feel good , dancing , watching comforting footage and creating . That’s what “The Art of Healing” is all about . Check out this video of Lauren London recently released This year she lost her soulmate but she is still strong and she’s still creating that’s how she heals . Tell us how you heal dm @themoderncrwd @kamel_lauryn .

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