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Hola Dollz , Hey Modern World!

Happy Mental Wellness Monday’s and for those who celebrate happy holidays . I hope everyone is having a great day ! So healing if I haven’t said it already is a journey and a process . It’s not easy. Just because you started healing doesn’t mean you are completely healed over night . It takes consistency and you will be triggered at times . The holidays might be a trigger for people with traditions changing or never having one at all. Love ones lost , friendships ended , finances not where they should be . All of that could be stressful and cause a range of emotions. Part of the healing process is accepting that there are things in life that you just can not change . But what you can change is how you view things . You do that by working on yourself and managing your triggers. Just this past week I was triggered . I was confused because I burned my trauma, created new material and watched some of my favorite videos . But why wasn’t I ok ? The thing is as it pertains to yourself you are always evolving and every situation is different . Which means you should have multiple sources of healing . I was upset with myself because I was like I’m on a new journey and I want to help people heal . I can’t help others and be as triggered as I am. But then I had to remind myself first I am not perfect. Secondly this situation that triggered me has so many layers to it , sure it seems like one situation but it influenced my trust factor , the perception people have of me and my friendships . That’s a scary place to be in because you become so guarded. I also became very sick . Mental and emotional health can interfere with your physical health . You know when your parents used to say “stop crying before you make yourself sick” it’s true you could make yourself sick. So my advice is never let someone’s energy consume your energy . I have a song “imperturbable” about that but I forget it myself sometimes . Anyways this week I was reminded to stretch and do yoga . I know right that sounds so simple but when you are in the midst of chaos you aren’t always thinking straight . The person who reminded me is actually a Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur herself Miss India Harper. See she also burned her traumas and was discussing how relieved she felt. I felt the same but I shared with her that I was cool but then I was triggered . She mentioned to me that when she’s triggered she does yoga. She’s right it’s another way to release energy . Also yoga is very creative which is why I would say it’s Art. There are several unique different poses you could do in yoga . Here is her YouTube channel I am also subscribed to Goddess Ekua Ahima her material is mostly geared towards women but I still would like to share because this week I came across her guided mediation so please check her out as well . If you want to share your “Art of Healing” dm me @kamel_lauryn or @themoderncrwd so we can collaborate . Smoochez . Lastly listen to this meditation by Jhene Aiko

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