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Transforming ft Tiara Bolden

Hola Dolz! Hello Modern World !

This Year Mental Health Awareness Month has has a lot of energy. From solar eclipse to mercury in retrograde etc. If all of that sounds like gibberish to you I will feature someone on the blog that will tell you more about it in the future .But I say all of of this to say it's transformative energy in the atmosphere.

Listen butterflies, snakes and people understand., there is always a period of transformation.

Today I stumbled across Tiara Bolden’s healing journey. I wanted to feature her on this blog in 2020 but for some reason I couldn't find our exchange. Today I randomly found it and I said well that means there is a message here.

One message from her journey is “healing leads to a transformed life.” She is inspired to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle in order to transform their lives for the better.

Tiara is a fellow blogger and has featured one of my songs in her blog before. I am forever grateful for that opportunity!

Her blog serves as an outlet for expressing herself , sharing her thoughts, while also educating the community. Her own transformation with health led her to this. She informed me that she struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, self-confidence, and an overall balance of well being in the past.

Now she has received her Bachelor's in Health Care Management and Master's in Health Science to achieve a common goal of serving the community. Her expression through blogs heals her self first then others .

She transformed her life beautifully and is still transforming. I hope her life and her blogs inspire others the way it inspires me .

Check our her blog ⬇️⬇️

We had our final Open Mic of the season this week. Thank you to all of the wonderful performers, guest and sponsors. Our Open Mic will be back for Mental Health Awareness week. Dm us topics you want to hear or for features .

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