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Tips to achieving your goals...from somebody trying to achieve theirs.

So I am sitting in my office thinking hmmmm....what should I write about. The first thought was how I am a beast in Call of Duty (these are facts holla at me), how I love podcasting (but everybody doesn't podcast), then I thought about this...GOALS. Yes, goals I think everybody should have goals when they are trying to be great or professional in what they do. People who have goals they always try to achieve goals (the irony right). One question that I always ask people when they sit down and want to know why I wanted to do a podcast is...what are your goals? There is a reason why I ask and that reason is can you express your true self. Your goals are what define you in my book. If you are able to achieve your goals this means that you know yourself to be able to do the following things to pace yourself, understand your craft, and know what you want to reach for. Me to be brutally honest I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to achieve. One of my goals is to be able to truly create a space where we can sit down to understand different points of views. I think as humans we all have different thoughts, mindsets, and creative nature. We limit ourselves when we stick to one thing. For example, I love speaking with people who play watch sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.), but if I stick to only speaking to people who watch sports. How would I know about the next time Lil Baby drops another classic hit? Diversity is something I believe we should all practice. A lot of people will not understand how amazing Anime is. Anime culture is actually pretty huge for people who don't know. I went to one Anime convention you talk about the seriousness behind the culture AMAZING. Overall that's pretty much my biggest goal is to try to be diverse in as many cultures to just see and be understanding of it. Comment below let me know what your goals are?


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