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The Ribologist

The person who I would like to highlight in this issue is my very close friend . His name is William L. Morton II. His friends and family call him Doobie. I call him Linda cause he never listens. Actually he is the person who inspired me to start cooking again. He also is the person who I named this blog after "Cooking with Purpose". That is his own personal mission statement when it comes to how he approaches cooking. He really got me to pay attention to the process and not cook just to cook. But as he said ,he wants all of his food to be delicious and something he would want more of.

William L. Morton II

We’ve known each other since the kindergarten which is for over 42 years and from what I can remember about him he’s never half heartedly done anything. Everything that he approached has always been approached with perfection in mind and I would say that is how I would describe his ribs . Perfect ! When we first linked back up some years ago we went out to eat at Logan’s Texas Roadhouse. He ordered a steak which he enjoyed thoroughly. I ordered ribs. Which were very delicious as well. He said to me I can make ribs better than that. I was like really? Needless to say the only ribs I crave now are his. Talk about fall off the bone , melt in your mouth , and bursting with flavor. I get so excited every time he decides to pop up and surprise me with his ribs.

So let me give you some more background on our featured Ribologist. Doobie started cooking when he was about 9 or 10.His Dad was his inspiration to start cooking. He called his Dad the Master of the “throw together “. He learned a lot from his Dad, specifically how to keep food from burning and also how to keep his Mom off his Dad’s case. Doobie’s Dad would prep and start the food, and then instruct him at certain intervals on what to do if he fell asleep. Most times his Dad would fall asleep.

Now on to the Ribs. Doobie hasn't been cooking Ribs that long He said in the last five years he perfected his technique and flavor profile. He feels it’s almost second nature now, he could probably cook a good rack of ribs in his sleep. I agree! As a matter of fact that’s not the only thing he can cook. I try not to be a beggar but maybe we can get him to tell us some more yummy recipes. I love all his fried food. Chicken , shrimp, fish and pork chops. If he cooks it I’m eating!

I asked him did he have any chefs he looks up to. He said no but if he had to choose it would be Gordon Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen . Well if I was asked who my favorite cooks were besides my mom, Dad, and Grandmother I would have to say Chef Linda the Ribologist is my number one.

Famous Rib's Recipe


1 pkg St Louis Style Pork Ribs

Garlic Salt

Onion Powder


Chili Powder

Crush Red Pepper (Optional if you want a little heat)

Honey Mustard

Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce

Score Ribs then season them. Roll them up and cover them with aluminum foil. Refrigerate over night. Unroll the ribs tent them in the Aluminum foil. Cook on 400F for an hour and a half. (Until it’s tender) Mix honey mustard and Sweet honey bbq together in a bowl. Add to the ribs. Reduce heat to 320F and cool for another 20 mins.

- Nikita Robinson Cooking With Purpose

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