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The Art of Healing KL

Hola Dollz!

I am Kay to the A to the Ka’Mel if you did not know. And I am pleased to tell you that I am back by popular demand lol. So as you may know we made some updates to our site so I apologize for the delay. I will be uploading the previous blogs again but sadly some of them I can not recover. But hey life is about starting over sometimes so lets dot it.

I started this blog December 2nd 2019 in partnership with @TheModernCrwd . But The Art of healing started before 2019.

My name is Kayla McDaniel but as a creative, I am Ka’Mel Lauryn. I started ” The Art of Healing” in August of 2017 as my Senior Project in College ( Go Bears) when my Grandad passed away. But I would have to say my journey started in 2013 when one of my closest friends in high school (Diamond Williams) was murdered. I was completely traumatized and kept my trauma silent but eventually, I shared my trauma with one of my friends who brought me to the group grief counseling in school. I began to have one on one sessions and my counselors encouraged me to dive into my art to help me cope. In my Senior project at Morgan State University, I facilitated 3 workshops and had a collaboration surrounding the theme.  You can watch the collaboration here.

Currently, I am focusing on healing through creative means with mental health as a whole. Although I do not have the original post I still want to share with you all the tip I shared before which was about Music Healing.

Jhené Aiko is one of my favorite artists and I want to share with you her plans for 2020. She talked about using healing tones in her music. Now that Chilombo is out she has also has shared that certain songs are to ignite and heal certain chakra’s. One of my favorite songs is Happiness Over Everything. The original ft Miguel and Gucci Mane was one of the first songs I heard from her. But now this song has an entirely different meaning and I love it. This song is associated with the Heart and Root Chakra. Although Jhené isn’t currently on tour. She has still been spreading Healing as she intended for 2020.

Please follow our pages and dm us @Theartofhealingkl @kamel_lauryn and @Themoderncrwd. Also we started our open mic #TheArtofHealingOpenMic during Mental Health Awareness Month we will resume the open mic shortly

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