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Sage and Changing your Energy ft India Harper

Hola Dollz , Hey Modern World!

I know right now the energy over the world is very chaotic, anxious and depressing. But I also want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel always. It’s all about perception of what you feel the light is.

With that being said try to be positive during this time. A lot of people are working from home, homeschooled or not working at all currently. Things that people enjoy doing aren’t as accessible.

But let’s think about decades ago, a lot of venues weren’t created.

Or even when the world was created, everything we have now wasn’t here.

A lot of people might be feeling stuck or unhappy during this quarantine .

I totally understand why they might so I encourage you to find away out of that type of energy.

I had the opportunity to have some energy work done with a co worker at work as well as with @sky_mystic_goddess I would have to say both experiences were great and brought me back to my true self . I’ve been doing yoga and dancing. Watching YouTube videos / and enrolling in courses for my future . All of these things are currently and will continue to help me through what’s going on and I would suggest it for anyone.

I also would like to suggest sage .

Sage clears your personal energy, the energy in a room or any space.

Funny story, there were some unsettling spirits in my apartment in college. I used sage and holy water and prayer . I remember afterwards one of my previous roommates was upset about the sage . She said it didn’t smell good . It really seemed to make her angry . But I realized that the spirits were attached to her. Now that is unfortunate not funny . But the funny part is when she had people actually calling me crazy for what I saw as well as for using a resource to help get rid of it . Anyways she ended up having to move out because of other issues. So the sage helped in some way lol.

Recently I won sage from the company Powerful Omni LLC . Owned by one of my soul sisters @indiaharp .

I love to keep sage handy to clear the space in my room or new places or just for myself as a shared earlier .

But it’s important in my opinion to not just get sage from anywhere . The type of sage I use is white sage . White sage is primarily used for smudging and getting rid of negative energy . The first place I got sage from was herbs and nature on Taylor ave in Baltimore . But since I’ve move to Atlanta I haven’t really found an herb shop that resonates with me. However a spiritual shop I like in Atlanta is @thehoneypot_atl. I haven’t used their sage but I have used their candles and crystals. I say this to say I’m picky with where I get spiritual tools . So receiving sage from Powerful Omni is important to me for the simple fact that India is someone I trust .

India Harper is the founder of Powerful Omni as well as Yoga with Indie LLC.

India’s “Art of Healing “ is helping people relax by exposing them to yoga . She believes that creative healing is important because everyone does not heal the same .Everyone does not express their emotions in the same way. But Art gives birth to many forms of expression that could work for almost anyone. She currently is taking a crystal healing class and working to become certified in yoga so that she can bring healing to communities who need it most.

I had an amazing conversation with India last week where she explained the different types of sage that she has. Obviously, the purpose of sage I usually go for is to clear negativity. However there are different purposes for sage.

There is a sage you could use during meditation that captures the energy of a room. For instance if you like to meditate to music or a certain vibe the sage will capture it . This sage is called ”Mountain Meditation sage . ”

Another sage I thought was pretty unique was “Red Dragons blood sage “. It’s used for in my opinion, to Ignite the fire in you. The way India explained it to me is like if you aren’t feeling confident and you need a burst of your own confidence it helps.

With everything going on right now I just wanted to share tools I feel more people should be educated on. Such as energy work and sage especially with the negative energy surrounding those tools due to ignorance of certain communities . I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog.

You can follow India Harper @powerful_omni @indiaharp @yogawithindie . Currently she has a sale

20% off all month on her site CODE:WOMEN .

Dm us @themoderncrwd or @theartofhealingkl

about more topics you want to be covered in our blog .

Smoochez let’s spread positive energy this week.

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