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Reprogramming your Mind

Hola Dollz! Hey Modern World!

Today I am here to tell you a few things I’ve been thinking about lately.

First : Do not let anyone tell you how to heal.

It’s always great to teams suggestions and learn information. But you dictate you .

The Modern Crwd has had the opportunity to have interviews back to back recently which is amazing . Although I’m a blogger I’m also one of the host.

I was able to inform our guest about #TheArtofHealingBlog and get their perspective of Art Therapy. Which in exchange gave me more insight on Mental health .

One of our guest Carla Yvette Palmer. Shared #ElevateTheGood. Which is her show stemming from the concept of reprogramming your thoughts to positive thoughts . We have about 60-70,000 thoughts a day. A lot of times those thoughts could be negative . She explained that we program our own bodies . I then sensed a theme. If we program our bodies then with things that are causing damage us we have to try to filter it out .

People often tell us how we should feel not thinking about how that might impact the mind .

It’s great to get advice especially professional advice . But pick and choose what you will keep with you . Or take things with a grain of salt as most people say .

I give advice about healing based on what I learn but this merely just my interpretation of my learning . You might perceive things differently .

I was also watching Joe Budden’s Pull Up interview ft Big Sean. Big Sean talked about his Mental health and how he struggled with it . He mentioned taking a break from people even the people closest to him . He took a break from his craft which is actually his job . Making a move like that could be risky because he missed out on a lot of opportunities . Joe Biden asked him about what his label would say to him during this time . Big Sean pretty much said that he didn’t really listen to them . He had to get his mental health in order. He knew listening to them and neglecting his mental health would only make things worse for himself.

Your MENTAL health is part of your GENERAL health. Your brain is part of your body . During the Kingdomwood Women in Film Open House event . There was a theme of keeping your body and mind in order . Sulonda Smith talked about how everything is made of energy . Even our body . We as humans change and that’s ok. Down to our cellular structure literally changing every 7 years a fact that I learned from Sulonda Smith .

The main point of today’s blog is that it is ok to change . Beat to your own drum. I challenge you all to identify what currently creatively fulfills you and go with that . Do not let anyone ever make you change your mind. You made your own decisions for a reason even if they are wrong you learned they were wrong and you made changes . Stop being down on yourself because of someone else’s standards of you . Reprogram your mind and attune it to who you would like to be . You will come out happier and healthier in the end .

Thank you for reading my blog weekly . Please reach out to @themoderncrwd or myself @theartofhealingkl about what you’d like to see from #TheArtofHealingBlog or let us know if you’d like to collaborate. #smoochez

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