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Releasing Negative Energy and Being yourself

Hola Dollz! Hey Modern World !

This week I want to talk about releasing negativity. But not in the way you might think. As someone who is trying to spread healing and spiritual techniques. It is expected of me to always be positive. But the things is I don't always have to be. That's natural, that is the human in me. I personally believe. When your spirit doesn't feel right and something is bothering you. Let it out! Say something to the people bothering you. Or write it out, scream it, vent about it but do not hold it in, release it. My entire life I've tried to walk on eggshells instead of living my life out loud. I always thought it was being considerate of others. But I've realized despite the mind games and manipulation I’ve received to give the illusion of support. That I could always see how people were inconsiderate of me. I've always had a moral compass. I'm the type of person that believes if we have beef but I love you and something happens I am going to show you I care unless our relationship was overly toxic. But I don't get that same respect. I'm in no way saying that because of this experience of not receiving respect that I have to change who I am. But I'm simply saying I observe how people treat me and if I don't feel inclined to, I shouldn't force myself to be so considerate. I am a considerate person and I will continue to be. But I will not continue to disrespect me. I will just be who I want to be. Deal with things the way you want to. As long as they aren't unhealthy. Holding things in in the past has not benefited me. Its only caused my mental health to decline. This Quarantine has helped me identify more of who I am. I've learned that there are situations I've been wrong about but never apologized because I didn't realize how what I said or acted might have impacted people. I've learned what I do and do not want in friendships. I've learned it is ok to accept people back in your life but it won't be the same, in fact it shouldn't be and it takes a certain level of maturity to actually move forward with it. I've learned the type of wife and mother I want to be. Lastly but not least I've learned how I want to be treated in any circumstance and it's with respect. Part of healing is releasing. So how I'm deciding to operate might cause people to make judgments but I am operating on what best for me . None of that matters, what peoples comments are about your life is irrelevant to you . I'm starting to be that it is what it is person. If you know your truth and you are satisfied with you that's all that matters. I’ve been seeing a theme within me to just be me unapologetically. So this week I ask you to do the same. It is ok to going through life expressing how you feel. It should be something we regularly practice. That way grudges won't develop and you won't be filled with anxiety. I keep saying it but from now on just ”let it out ” all your frustrations so they don't consume you . Thank you for attending my Ted Talk this week lol. I'm @theartofhealingblogmc @kamel_lauryn @themoderncrwd your topics or if you want to collaborate. #Smoochez

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