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Perfectly Imperfect ft Rudolph

Hola Dollz ! Hello Modern World!

I am someone who is challenged with anxiety at times . Having that challenge you often times strive for perfection or for things to be right. Growing up one of my favorite Albums was “Perfectly Imperfect” by Elle Varner . That title or phrase I believe is about knowing that it’s ok to not live by certain expectations and knowing that you are fine just how you are .

I thought about being perfectly imperfect based on our special guest . Rudolph is an Actor who says that “Acting is my art of choice, it allows us to be imperfect while creating remarkable artistry.” People often times do not get the psychological part of being an actor. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and make mistakes while also challenging yourself to be in other peoples shoes. Rudolph has worked through areas in his personal life, grief being one that we all are faced with. He worked it out through his acting . When you have an understanding of other people and their humanity. It helps have more empathy for yourself and others.

Rudolph aims to bring healing through his passion of art and his business that he's developing. He has an Mental Health Event June 26th called “Under Construction” which is in partnership with his podcast “Under Construction “ in the Atlanta area. Please follow him @iamrudolph1 to keep up with his projects and events. I appreciate him being a reminder of how in your journey it's ok to be vulnerable .

If you have topics you want us to discuss next follow us @theartofhealingkl and send us a dm.

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