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New Healing Phase

Hola Dollz , Hello Modern World!

I am not going to take up too much time with you all I just didn’t want to abandon you this Monday .

A new healing phase has started for me . I lost one of my first cousins on my moms side .

My intuition the entire day told me that something was wrong . I had an uncomfortable gut feeling that something was out of place . Even though I had a busy day and tried to show face at an event . Something in my spirit just didn’t sit right . Then my mother calling me back to back really sent my energy off the edge .

I could question God but I won’t because there is a reason and a lesson in everything in life . I could blame myself and say I could’ve done more . Or I could’ve went to see him last week when the idea popped up in my head . But instead I am reflecting .

I know my cousin had a big heart. I know he was proud of everything I’m doing and he wanted me to keep pushing . So I will , the lesson in this is learn from the life of those around you and create your own path .

Healing from this will take some time . Death doesn’t feel natural although it is. It’s fine to take advice on healing . But do not ever let anyone tell you when your healing should be finished or exactly how your healing process should go .

Here is the link to my senior project “The Art of Healing Theatre Arts Collaboration: Dealing with Grief and Loss”

Based on Dr. Francine Jennings Book “I can’t Believe you said that : 30 things not to say to the bereaved” Please watch my YouTube video and check out her book by clicking the link and sending her a message . If you are dealing with a loss currently it might help . I created this project because I realized a lot of people do not know how to heal so they criticize others on their healing . So I’m going through this process but I know I’ll be ok . Thank you for all your support . Please Dm us @theartofhealingkl @themoderncrwd. Peace and Love

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