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Modern Updates

Hey it’s Kay to the A to the Ka’Mel and I am usually talking to my folks focusing on creative healing but every now and then I want to chime in on what’s going on .

First let’s have a victory dance for the verdict of the George Floyd Murder Case . Yes we still have so much more fighting to do and justice owed but celebrations are needed at every moment . We are moving forward in life and I encourage us to be grateful . A year ago there was soooo much chaos behind it now we’ve seen some sort of change .

Next we want to recognize the passing of Shock G another legend has gone away . A few weeks ago we lost DMX . The two will be truly missed and have impacted the hip hop culture immensely.

Speaking of the Culture Summer Time is coming and I’m not sure what the vibe is for the ladies . Is it a Icy girl , City girl , Hot girl or the 3 combined summer ?

The City girls are doing the twerkulater , Megan is taking a social media break and having her team handle the rules for the summer and Saweetie just dropped the Pretty summer playlist . So we really have a lot to think about . Fellas y’all usually play off the vibe of your type so hopefully the summers nice .

So I know we are all still in a pandemic but I did want to give some tips for the summer

⁃ First get some new fits weather appropriate of course but with how things have been lately have a variety of options just in case (make sure you get some Modern Crwd Merch)

⁃ Plan friend events virtual or safe in person examples ( paint in the parks , picnics , game nights , beach day )

⁃ Create goals for yourself where do see yourself in the summer ? business , relationship , leisure wise ?

⁃ Keep your mind right take time to meditate , get some sun and cut ties with toxic energy

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