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Going After What you Want ft Maya Oliver

Hola Dollz ! Hello Modern World !

I am now going to be collaborating with more creatives who share the same interest as I do in creative healing and have their own path . For our first collaboration I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with my N sister (The National Council of Negro Women ) Maya Oliver. I met Maya in 2016 before I joined the organization in March of 2017 . She would always encourage me whenever I posted anything depressing on my social media and check in . She also really supported my creative endeavors . Maya is an Artist I’m not sure why I didn’t realize that before recently . I should’ve known because when I literally had no make up artist for Coronation of 2017 , Maya stepped in, beat my face and had good energy flowing too. It’s funny how you could know someone and not realize how connected you are to them. I knew Maya was someone outside of my main friend group that I could talk to at times and she wouldn’t be biased . But I didn’t realize that a lot of what I went through she has been through as well . We also handled the situations similarly . Now we are both on this healing journey with mental health and the Arts . If you would’ve asked me back when we first met I wouldn‘t have know all of these amazing things about Maya .

I noticed that Maya is starting her own organization soon via social media . Once I noticed that I had to jump at the opportunity of working with her . I’m truly proud of her aspirations . Maya seemed soooooo shy when I met her but I’ve watched her grow and I’ve seen her take on leadership positions such as Miss NCNW 2018-2019. I’m glad that I was able to witness that. So I know with having her own organization she will flourish . I asked Maya a few questions to gain her perspective on “The Art of Healing” .

I know I mentioned already that Maya is an Artist but her “Art of Healing “ is Painting and Drawing and she has been doing that since the age of 10. Maya believes that Art therapy is important for the world because it is a healthy way to release burdens and has been shown in studies to provide a healthier mindset and improve mental health . She believes that Art Therapy provides a sanctuary for everyone’s inner artist . I love the fact that she said that because not everyone considers themselves talented or an artist but if you enjoy something creative and it brings you peace of mind I say do it anyway . This also related to one of her pieces which is actually one of her favorites . Her painting of the Jelly fish . I’m sure you noticed by now the featured photo is a collage of her beautiful

paintings . But anyways the Jellyfish symbolism is actually about following your heart , having faith , intuition and sensitivity . When it comes down to things that resonate with us let’s try to follow our hearts . That helps us be healthier . Identifying how things feel as well as how we can navigate our emotions . If paining or drawing is relaxing regardless of if you are a professional artist or not , just do it . Do what makes you happy that’s the message today . Art has been an escape for Maya‘s issues , from stressful and toxic relationships with high school and college and just the stresses of life in general . Maya tapped back into her childlike mentality and what she loved as a kid to dig deeper into herself . She realized that painting always made her feel good. In doing that she healed from those issues and this process felt more natural . Which actually Creatively released her pain .

Maya plans on starting her own Non profit this summer . It will provide numerous workshops ,events , services and fundraising catered towards Art healing . She would like for everyone to be able to access what she has to offer no matter their location so their will be a website and virtual workshops as well. This will be for everyone but one of her goals is to touch black youth with some of the benefits she received in order to improve public health . More details will be shared via her social media platform . So please go follow her now @my__mast3rpiece @mending_the_hart_inc . Thank you again Maya Oliver I look forward to hearing more about your Non profit . You guys know the deal please dm @themoderncrwd as well as myself on the new Instagram @theartofhealingkl your “Art of Healing “ as well as what topics you want us to cover . Smoochez

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