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Falling In love with your craft (again)

Hola Dollz ! Hey Modern Crwd !

I just started watching this show on Netflix Locke and Key. I’m not really a spoiler alert person . But what I will tell you is that it’s about a family dealing with the loss of a father and discovering hidden secrets . I’m only on episode two but this show has me thinking .How do you fall back in love with your craft after a traumatic experience ?

The show doesn’t show this but I noticed that the mother on the show was a painter . She witnessed something very traumatic and I haven’t seen her painting on the first two episodes .

This also reminded me of a friend I have who is a dancer . In the middle of a performance she had health trauma . Which has now given her performance anxiety to the point where she doesn’t perform anymore . But dance is something she’s passionate about. I started to place myself in their shoes and think of how hard it must be to try to fall in love with your craft .

I want to touch on love because Valentine’s Day is this week . So the love of your craft is important .

Treat your craft like a relationship . Think of what made you fall in love with it in the first place . You may not want to actually draw, paint , write , sing , act , dance etc. But you could surely observe .

For me personally I’m passionate about being a creative human. When I think of what sparked that I think of the first song I learned from my grandma “Summertime” Billie holiday rendition . Or for acting The Wizard of Oz in which my other grandmother showed to me as a kid. Watching and listening will cause me to sit and think and have the feeling that inspired me in the first place . In sitting and thinking there comes meditation . Here is a playlist of meditations I got from @iamprettyredd aka The Pretty Healer . This playlist includes clarity meditations for your aura . Clearing your mind as well as cleansing could help with blockage you might have keeping you from what you love (your craft).

The main goal is rearranging your mindset to align it with positive vibrations to help you get back to what you want .

When I mentioned treating it like a relationship I mean work it out . In relationships there will be problems but you will work through them . Think of Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married “ . Pause I know you guys are like what does that have to do with this . But remember when the couples had to write out the pros and cons and in most cases the pros outweigh the cons . Right your likes and dislikes about your craft . Learn your craft, date your craft . Try to impress it . Gradually you will fall in love again with it .

I hope this was helpful to someone struggling to get back to their craft.

I hope this week is filled with love.

Extra smoochez from me to you .

Contact @themoderncrwd and myself @theartofhealingkl about what topics you want for #TheArtofHealingBlog or share your story with us to be featured .

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