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Exchanging Energy

Hola Dollz , Hey Modern World,

Today let’s talk about exchanging energies. All energy is not for everyone. Me personally I am a very spiritual person so I believe that a lot of things in life connect . We will get more in depth about that another time but . You know specifically I am all about energy . I

always see a meme that says “ if someone isn’t giving you love , money or good energy “ do not bother with them or something a long those lines . Anyway as humans we are always exchanging energy and that’s not a cynical thing it’s a natural and expected thing . Talking , texting , dancing , watching tv , in person communication , hugging and hand shaking are all energy exchanges. All energy exchanges aren’t good for you in fact some can be draining . Often times we do not listen to our own intuition but most times it is correct . If you have been questioning why you feel depressed or anxious lately. Pay attention to who you are around or what you are doing or watching that causes you to feel this way . Really identify it , get to the root of it and change it . Someone told me recently that burning their traumas something I mentioned in an earlier blog does not help them. I explained that I am merely just suggesting different ways to heal everything will not work for everyone but you have to find what your thing . Maybe burning your trauma doesn’t help . But getting to the root of your issues and cutting that dead weight could help. In life their are people and things that will drain you . It’s best that you protect yourself . You can protect yourself through your religion if you have one and believe in it . Or you can research ways to protect yourself . I often seek discernment and clarity and I use prayer and meditation . I figure out who I need to remove from my circle , what do I need to stop watching or activities do not suit me . I then engage in energy with people I am comfortable around and I find activities that make me feel good . For an example cooking . I find sometimes baking or cooking makes me feel good especially if I’m doing it with others or for others . Find healthy ways to exchange energy and protect yours . You know the deal . Let me @kamel_lauryn or @themoderncrwd know ways that you exchange energy or your art of healing . I will talk to you all next Monday . Smoochez Dollz!

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