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Engaging with your Siblings &Madison’s Project

Hola Dollz! Hey Modern World. How many of you all have siblings?

Sibling relationships are so essential. With the age gap I have with mine. I try to stay in tune with what they are doing. I also make sure they are informed that they can come to me whenever for support, advice and love always. I am a proud big sister of Madison (13) and Miles (10). I always wanted siblings so God blessed me with Madison when I was 11 and Miles when I was 14. I remember singing songs with and to them . Reenacting plays with Madison and Miles. As well as having them at my Dance recitals, Vocal recitals and Plays. As they both have grown I’ve seen their interest in both the arts and sports. It makes me feel good to see a shared interest in me and my siblings. Although they both get the spotlight in my life. Today I would like to speak a little on my 8th grader (Madison).

When I found out about Madison’s 8th grade capstone project I was amazed. Her project is on Art therapy and Mental health. How Art Therapy can Assist your Mental Health by Reducing Stress, Depression & Anxiety. Her project will benefit Tracy’s Kids, which helps young cancer patients and their families cope with the emotional stress and trauma of the disease and its treatment. It will benefit this organization with donations of Art supplies and more. I just want to show how proud I am of her. Over the years I've shared with her what I've learned about Art and Mental health. It truly warms my heart to see her in this line of work as well. So today I ask for those of you who read this blog to donate to her project. If you would be so kind as to donate any unused or unwanted art supplies please mail them by May 25th to:

Madison’s Art Donation c/o H.E.R.S.

1123 MD Route 3 North, Suite 307

Gambrills, MD 21054

You can also choose selected items off Tracy’s Kids Amazon Wish List

Any consideration would be greatly appreciated! I also encourage you to relate and bond with your siblings no matter what .

Special announcement we have been doing our Annual Mental Health Awareness Open Mic. May 4th King Dae a Rapper won our giveaway from our sponsor The Trust Fund Baby Coach for healing / life coach sessions. May 11th Lexie Lea an MUA and Poet and Bluee and Artist both won tickets to the Afro Domme Networks Gurlz Night Event for May 13th. Thank you to our Special Guest Mojo. Thank you to both sponsors Stephanie and Ekua. This upcoming Wednesday May 18th our Special Guest is Reina C. Hope to see you on our live from 8-9pm @theartofhealingkl.

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