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Doing what’s Best for you ft The Healing Sisterss

Hola Dollz, Hey Modern World !

This Blog is wayyyyy over due. But I've had a lot going on. I took my time though because when I reached out to The Lovely ladies I will be speaking about today. They told me ”no rush or pressure”. What they didn't realize is that I did feel the pressure. With COVID 19 , me along with so many others feel the pressure of being overly productive daily . I had a solid plan for this quarantine but I found myself doing more task than usual which became draining. I missed out on some of the things I really wanted to do instead . But as my Grandfather always says I must be gentle with myself. Currently I am going through a transformation and finding myself on a deeper level . Searching for what I've been called to do in this world. Through this process my energy is fluctuating . I also have personal matters that I am working through. I find myself just like most people on tik tok enjoying myself. But worried what other people think about me enjoying myself in the midst of having other situations occurring in my personal life . But then I realized none of that mattered. My reason behind that is because I could be on tik tok having fun and behind closed doors in a rough and emotional state of mind . But social media sometimes can help distract you from your issues in positive as well as negative ways. For me recently, it's been raising my vibrations when I feel low. So I love the fact that although I wanted to get this content out. The pressure wasn't on me to. Timing is everything. Maybe I needed a few more days to reflect and go though my emotions before blogging. Or maybe it's important for people to read about this specifically today .

Now that I’ve gotten that out I would like to introduce the lovely ladies that I was referring to earlier . They are The Healing Sisterss, Sky and DeDe. I found out about The Healing Sisterss through an artist friend of mine Pony

( @itsPonybaby). We are both on Host for The Modern Crwd Podcast (@The ModernCrwd) . In one of our meetings I mentioned wanting to expand The Art of Healing KL brand because in life things grow and expand and I have a bigger vision for my brand as any entrepreneur should. In sharing some of my ideas , Pony mentioned that I should check out The Healing Sisterss. So I went through their social media and I loved their energy and concept. I felt very aligned. So I reached out and we had the opportunity to speak through social media messages initially. Then we set up a conference call but our timing kept being interfered with. In the meantime on my main social media I noticed they were having a giveaway for their Brunch so I entered it and won the same day as our conference call. Initially they had no idea I was the same person until they asked for my number. So when we finally had the opportunity to speak on the phone we talked about their event and we just got to know each other. That same week I went and had energy work done by Sky which was amazing as I mentioned in the last blog.

Today I want to talk about doing what's best for yourself. The Healing Sisterss have an energy that I feel welcomes being the best version of you.

Currently they are in the business of healing. They have a vacation property that is called ”The Healing Headquarters” , which provides a respite and safe retreat for individuals. Self love and relaxation is promoted to each of their guests, and their goal is for every guest to leave feeling better and happier than when they first arrived . The healing sisterss also host conscious and healing events. The Healing Circle is their signature event. During Healing Circles , many activities are done with their Tribe; such as : meditation, yoga, sound bathing, and just connecting in a deep, meaningful way.

Yoga, Meditation and Sound Bathing are are healing tools I've mentioned in past blogs as healing tools. But experiencing The

Healing Sisterss way of using these tools is something I definitely plan on experiencing. All of these things are to help you be grounded and just be yourself. As I mentioned earlier during this time I've been discovering myself. So the energy they've given me and advice, has helped me try to stay in my own energy. I encourage everyone to try that as well .

As usual I always like to know what someones “Art of Healing“ is and their definition of it. The Healing Sisterss

said ”Our art of healing philosophy is to consume yourself with whatever ignites a positive emotion within you. The things that ignite positive emotions within us include writing, being in nature, meditating and getting creative with our business. ”

As far as the importance of Art Therapy The Healing Sisterss stated “Art therapy is beneficial to our world because it is one of the quickest ways to wellness. Doing the things that are fun, healthy and make you happy, are powerfully therapeutic because it leads to alignment. Once you are aligned (to your higher self/ higher power), resistance/negativity ceases, and once resistance is lifted, your vibration raises, and once that happens; you are in the best position to manifest your desires.

Therefore, art therapy induces happy healthy humans.”

We all should aim to be Healthy Humans even during this time of chaos.

I really enjoyed working with the Healing Sisterss and gaining their perspective on healing . Coming up they have many events this year! The next event coming up is thier High Vibed Brunch, where everyone will eat good, have fun and practice the art of conscious eating. The date of the brunch is To Be Determined due to Covid. The Helaing Sisterss will also be hosting Healing Circles this year: September and December. This years Healing Circle series will be dedicated to learning and teaching the Law of Attraction.

Please follow them @thehealingsisterss to stay up to date with everything. Contact us @theartofhealingkl , @themoderncrwd and @kamel_lauryn about topics you want to hear next or if you want to collaborate. Smoochez!

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