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Cooking With Purpose by Nikita Robinson

As I served him his breakfast , he looks up and says “who taught you to cook these beautiful eggs?” I smile and say “you of course” , enjoying our usual banter. As we finish eating he looks up and states “this meal was on point.!” I respond by saying “that’s a compliment coming from you, then I add how did you teach me to cook? “. He says “with purpose! “

Our relationship with food didn’t always start out well . I wasn’t used to cooking for someone who was highly critical of how food was prepared. Most of my friends and family were always pleased with my meals. But I was open after a few arguments and explanations to refine my craft.

The thing is cooking is an intimate and personal experience and as a young woman I wasn’t always open to being domesticated. I hated anything the came with the title lady or dainty. But growing up in my family you were going to cook if you wanted to eat. So by the time I was on my own I had mastered all of my mother and both of my grandmothers major recipes. The only thing I never mastered were my maternal grandmother’s rolls. But my family friend has given me a recipe of her mom’s yeast rolls that I’m definitely going to try.

I look forward to sharing different recipes and experiences with you. What inspired me to write this blog has been my journey to health. My friend who I spoke of earlier was definitely an intricate part of my food journey. When I first reconnected with him I ate out a lot . One day he said to me I prefer my own food. I thought hmm that makes sense. For years I was ripping and running being a career woman and a mother. Fast food and food delivery was a staple in my household and I have to admit it led to unhealthy habits for both me and my daughter. You see for years many women blame their weight gain on having children. That’s not what happened with me. I was actually smaller after having my daughter than I was before. My weight gain came from not prioritizing myself and my child. Putting career , school, church, and various other activities before making me and my family a healthy meal. This behavior has caught up with me and now that I’m on diabetes medicine and high blood pressure medicine. I realized I had to make a change.

Well I did. That statement my friend made to me about liking his own food got me rolling and now I can truly say I love my own cooking as well. Anything that I can eat out I can make at home. And many of them I truly prefer at home. Don’t get me wrong eating out is still a treat. But taking time to truly love me has been absolutely amazing. I’m not a chef not by any means . I’m just a Baltimore girl who loves good food and I look forward to sharing with you the ones I love. These recipes will be from different friends and family members and of course me .

Now to the good stuff!

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love the fact that you get a mix of all the flavors. Sweet Salty and of course Fat! Featured items are maple bacon, blueberry sweet rolls. Some tips for breakfast are:

1. If you want fluffy eggs Don’t add seasoning until after they are cooked. It’s all in the way you whip your eggs. ( A whisk is great tool for that) And use butter or bacon grease to flavor them. Advice Credit William L Morton II

2. Bacon -Bake in the oven on 375 for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t have to worry about the mess on top of the stove or getting popped by the grease. Advice Credit My Daddy Osborne Robinson Jr

Let me know what meals you would like for me to Blog . You can follow me on Instagram @nikitaisbeautiful2018.

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