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Committing to the Role ft YTK

Hola Dollz! Hey Modern World.

In theatre often times in college we used the phrase “commit to the role”. Some people naturally have that talent. I personally feel like this phrase is something you should just use in life in general. Like committing to the role you play in other peoples lives and not over playing it. But also committing to the role of getting what you want in life and being serious about it. In winter of 2017 I remember meeting an Artist named YTK. At the time I just knew he was one of my classmates (Kurt) little brothers. But when I met him he felt more like a peer. We were both casted in a web series but I also I was part of production as wardrobe. I had to meet with different cast members about their characters and wardrobe. When I met him we was already in his wardrobe. He told me how he wore it everyday to keep him in character until the production was over. It blew my mind because that's something we discussed in my major a lot. But it reminded me of the Stanislavski technique, as well as how Denzel Washington only goes by his characters name on set. The kind of dedication and aspiration I saw in YTK. I knew he was going places. I didn't know until 2018 that he did music but once I found out and listened he gained me as a supporter.Fastfoward to now he has really made progress and success in his life. Last year he released “ Let it off “ as a parody to “Shake it off “ by Mariah Carry . He describes some of the terms and slang we use where we are from ( Baltimore ) . I thought it was cool and comedic on some parts . His visuals for it were outstanding . He reached the attention of many because he went viral. So Quest Love ended up assisting him and having the Queen Mimi clear the song so he could put the song on all platforms.

All of this came from him committing to the role of an Artist. He had a vision and allowed it to come into something greater and evolved with it. Now I ran into him last year and took this picture so this blog was long over due. But I wanted to acknowledge him and I can't wait to see more abundance and prosperity with him.

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