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Celebrate You

Hola dollz, Hey Modern World

I couldn’t let this day end without speaking to you all.

I want to talk about celebrating yourself .

This will be a little different than my usual art of healing tips .

Today is my Birthday and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself .

Being that my birthday is near the holidays people usually only care about the holidays honestly . Or I’m unable to celebrate with everyone I want to celebrate with because they are usually out of time for the holidays .

I’ve also had people tell me I make too much of a big deal of my birthday.

Listen all of these things are me thinking of how other people perceive my birthday . Honestly it’s sometimes has caused me to not have a good time .

Today I want everyone to know that your day of birth is special because you are still here . Tragedies happen everyday so it’s amazing to still be here .

This year I decided to be different. I’ve always been a planner so of course I planned my weekend out . But instead of expecting things to go as planned I just went with everything as is .

Last year was not the best for me because I lost my grandmother and I was in a transition period knowing that I was moving . So I celebrated but everything that could go wrong went wrong and it made me depressed . I even said I never wanted to celebrate again . That’s how upset I was.

After working on myself for these last few months and dealing with trauma that I’ve had . I decided to start doing things for me . If you get wound up about things it only makes you upset . So enjoy the time you have on earth. I didn’t know what I would do for my birthday until two weeks ago. But I was determined to have fun for me . Even if I was celebrating my myself. I took the time out to revisit what makes me happy . I played games with my friends at a venue my Dad and I used to go to , I at my favorite food with close friends , I danced , I had a photoshoot , family time , I wrote a song . I did everything I wanted to do . Yes there were things that feel through . People who disappointed me . But I looked passed everything and appreciated the love and support I received this weekend .

My advice to you all is to do the same , sit and think about the things that make you happy . Every year on your birthday make it special . I’m so eager and supportive of my friends on there birthdays because my family taught me that you have to be grateful and enjoy the day you entered the world . So I have that energy for myself . My birthday is about me and it’s not a narcissistic things as most would assume . It’s a day that everyone deserves.

So I feel blessed , I am happy and free. I’m excited for what this new year will bring to me . This year was a year full of scars and healing . But I made it and I’m still moving forward .

I love you all !

Smoochez dm me @kamel_lauryn and @themoderncrwd how you celebrate yourself or your art of healing .

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